NeoServe is involved with so many different aspects of the Internet, they all cannot be listed here. For example, an entire book cannot be listed here, nor can we list an Intranet Site here. Instead, we will only list a few of our clients. If the website is not listed, than obviously we are working on other types of projects for that particular client. For specific information, pleaseemail Kenny and Jennifer.

NeoServe Bullet NeoServe’s Site NeoServe Bullet All-Cover
NeoServe Bullet EW Blanch NeoServe Bullet Mike Strain, District 74
NeoServe Bullet Syndistar Inc. NeoServe Bullet Verio
NeoServe Bullet South Central Pool NeoServe Bullet New Orleans FreeNet
NeoServe Bullet Groupama Transport NeoServe Bullet Mr Clean Net
NeoServe Bullet FCT Computer Corp NeoServe Bullet Internet Connection Company
NeoServe Bullet Alpha Micro NeoServe Bullet USA Citylink 

Currently we are also managing several corporate mailing lists, the least of which has 800,000 members.