NeoServe is a company that was created with a goal of putting the best of two worlds together: the knowledge and services of big business with the values of a small business.Kenny and Jennifer Elliott founded NeoServe out of both frustration and an obvious need for an Internet company with knowledge and real values.

We thoroughly enjoy what we do and we hope that comes across in our work.
— Jennifer Elliott

Kenny and Jennifer have a vast knowledge of the Internet that comes from many years and experience in this industry. A combined resume can be viewed by clicking here.NeoServe’s site seems to be extremely popular. If you’d like to see exactly who is visiting our site click here. September and October were very busy months for a wild variety of visitors! Click on the month you wish to view, then click on [Sites].

On a more personal note:
The question often comes up, “Who is that dog and why is the company called NeoServe?”, and whoever asked the question has usually never met Kenny or Jennifer. In an effort to bring a part of themselves into their company, they wanted to include one of the things they value most. Their dogs. They are owned by a breed which is called Neapolitan Mastiff, Neo’s for short. Hence NEOserve. Now, who is that dog? Ghatti is a dog that they rescued a couple of years ago, that had been abused and in dire need of a home. Kenny and Jennifer also donate their time to non-profit groups and especially Mastiff Rescue. For more information email Jennifer.